2019 Board of Trustees

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Hope Pierson, Board President

 I have been blessed to be a member of NTUC for 20 years, it has provided me the spiritual home I’d been missing in my life.  I was first asked to be on the Board of Trustees in 1990 and served as Secretary, Treasurer and President.   I then got involved  with our Youth Program teaching 3rd grade for several years and then taught our Y.OU.,  both of which I enjoyed immensely.  I also headed up the Happenings Table, was a member of SET and the Nominating Committee and volunteered with the Kitchen committee.  I am currently the President of the Board of Trustees and am working hard with them to make NTUC a more prosperous, viable community.  Just some of the top priorities I perceive that are crucial to NTUC are to continue to:

  • Increase our attendance and contributions
  • Increase our community outreach
  • Increase our profile in the Cincinnati area
  • Increase transparency between the Board and the congregation



Flo Stevenson, Vice President

Tom Chace, Treasurer


Linda Miller, Secretary

I have been a member at NTUC since 2012.  I started coming because a friend invited me, and I became a member because I liked what I found here.

I am a native Cincinnatian and have lived here almost all my life.  I have a degree in administrative management, and I am also a Physician’s Assistant (retired).  I spent most of my career in the development of new medications.

I am currently involved as part of the management team for Angels’ Wings Resale Shop.  The shop is a real joy for me.  I love working there and meeting the people who come to shop.  It provides a wonderful community service and is just a great place to visit!

I am also a basketweaver, a beader, an avid reader, a quilter, and I love to travel.

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Kim Belew, Member

Barb Meyer, Member

Althea Palmer, Member

Guidelines for Effective Communication with the Leadership of New Thought Unity Center:

  1. If you have a issue that you would like addressed by the leadership team please do so in writing. It must include your full name and contact information in order for us as the board and ministerial team to give it the attention it deserves  This way we can connect with you if there is a need for clarity.
  2. Write down your thoughts in an email or type or print them on paper so they can be read easily. Verbal expressions are often forgotten or lost in translation.
  3. Ask specifically for the kind of response method you would like to receive. We can only guess if we don't know that email doesn't work for you or a phone call would be better.
  4. Please feel free to follow up with us if you don't receive a reply in the time frame you hoped for. We do get busy and we don't want you to feel unheard.

General contact: info@ntunity.org  or secretary@ntunity.org

Board President: President@ntunity.org