Our Prayer Chaplains provide prayer support as a resource to assist us in navigating the challenges of life. They also join us to celebrate our happy moments. They are there to pray for and with us no matter what our situation may be.

PrayerPrayer, our own and others, deepens our trust in God and facilitates our ability to let go and let God be active in our lives and in the lives of others. Chaplains assist us by listening from their hearts and responding with a positive uplifting prayer that supports us in and through our unique situation.

Prayer Chaplains are available to make wellness calls to all members of our Center. If you would like to receive a call from one of our trained Prayer Chaplains, call the office and ask to be placed on our Chaplain Call List.

Prayer Chaplains are also available to pray with you at both our Sunday services. They listen patiently with compassion and without judgment. They hold sacred space and keep a positive uplifting vision for those who seek prayer support. Ask a Prayer Chaplain to join with you in prayer.

Lawren WatsonLawren Watson heads up NTUC's prayer chaplain team. 



Please call the NTUC if you have a prayer request - 513-961-2527

If you have a calling to become a prayer chaplain or would just like to learn more about prayer, you may want to take the upcoming training. Call us for more informtion or to sign up for the class.