Application for the Board of Trustees

Dear Prospective Board Member Candidate,

Please provide the following information about yourself and your desired candidacy for the NTUC Board of Trustees.  Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will be reviewed only by the Nominating Committee and, if applicable, the Board of Trustees.

Thank you for your interest.

The Nominating Committee

Demographic Information
Background and Position
Occupation Status (check all that apply)
What type of Board Position would you like to apply for?

Please rate your personal experience in the following skill areas.  You will be provided an opportunity to give additional details during your interview with the Nominating Committee.

Management / Administration:
Finance / Accounting:
Planning / Logistics:
Group Process / Team Building:
Public Relations:
Sales / Marketing:
Computer / Technical:
Public Speaking:
Human Resources:
Community / Volunteering:
Artistic / Visual:
Youth / Family:
Last Section!

Any additional information you can provide us is greatly appreciated!