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Service Sunday at 10:30AM

with David Kisor, Music Director,

and friends:

Kim Belew

The NTUC Choir

tRu Choir


Ancient News

Larry Watson

and many more!

CD copies will be made available for purchse after service

Proceeds will go to benefit all the musicians



Intro to Pranic Healing

Wednesday, March 20 at 7PM

What is Pranic Healing and how can it help you live a pain-free life?

Discover the incredible ways energy healing can work to better your relationships, your world and your health.

Join Susanne Wittrock as she explains and demonstrates one of the largest growing healing modalities in the world.

 FREE with love offering accepted

Intro to German with Susanne

NEW! Course continues Friday, March 22 @6PM


$75 includes all course materials

Susanne Wittrock was born and raised in Austria.

She shares her love of learning with home-schooled children of all ages.

Susanne enjoys teaching German to anyone who wishes to broaden their linguistic horizons!


For more information or to register contact




Licensed HeartMath(TM) Trainer Gay Purpura presents a HearthMath(TM)

course that will teach you to recognize

and disengage from the negative impact stress has on your body and mind.



Wednesday, March 27 @6:30-8:30

6-week in-depth course:

Wednesdays, April 3 - May 8 @6:30 - 8:30

  • Learn about self-regulation
  • Explore the relationship between emotional stress and mind-body health
  • Restore your nervous system health
  • Increase your body's energy levels
  • Learn to transform stress on demand, 24/7 anytime & anywhere
  • Improve your mental clarity
  • Develop your problem solving skills
  • Get help with ADD/ADHD issues
  • Gain new energy and vitality
  • Experience the joy of more stress-free living
  • Solidify your connection with Source to become who and what you really are 
  • Boost an overall sense of well-being
  • Enhance your ability to think clearly
  • Learn to remain calm so you can make good decisions under pressure
  • Practicing just one of Gay's HeartMath(TM) interventions can effect your immune system in a powerful way
  • Increase DHEA (good stress hormone) and decrease cortisol (bad stress hormone) that helps to avoid common dis-eases such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and more!

The lessons from this HearthMath(TM) course can change the way you think and react to every day life.

Learn incredibly empowering techniques of how to handle powerful emotions.


Wednesday March 27 @6:30-8:30

6-week in-depth course: Wednesdays April 3 - May 8 @6:30 - 8:30

This $600 value is being offered for a fraction of the price!

Pay $15 for the required book, $10 suggested love offering per class


*Enter through the side door off Grandview Ave



Sunday, March 31 @12:30

Bring your broken pottery to SMASH so you can create something new with it!

Break through personal boundaries of self-expression to integrate pieces of everyone's broken pottery into new pieces of art that will serve as decorative pavers in the garden.


We have the concrete and the paver mold, your smashed pottery supplies the color and you supply the creativity!

Breaking pottery is a WONDERFUL stress-reliever
Embracing the broken pieces signifies steps toward healing all the parts of ourselves
Creating new and functional artwork employs our ability to find balance and joy in all things

Love donation received to cover the cost of concrete and paver forms

*We will continue with this art project until 4/17 so everyone will have a chance to play! Call 513-961-2527 if you'd like to come Monday - Thursday during business hours
If you've made one paver and want to make another, just bring in more pottery to smash!*


**Enter through the side door off Grandview Avenue**

$10 suggested love offering per class

Beginning April 7th, you are invited to experience Energy Healing the first Sundays after service


If you are an energy healer and would like to participate, please contact us at info@ntunity.org

This is your chance to surrender to the healing energy of the Universe and allow the healing energy to be recognized so it has permission to flow.

Simply come to the library after service on April 7th and pick a seat.

Then sit back, relax and surrender to the enrichment of your spiritual experience by Pranic Healers, Reiki Workers and other modalities of energetic healing.


FREE with Love donation received



Make connections that matter!


April 7, @9:15 - 10AM

in Classroom A, facilitated by Alice Frazier


A mastermind group members inspire, ground and act as catalysts for growth, being the supportive colleagues we all need!

$10 suggested love offering each class




Monday Mystics and Masters  will be on a short hiatus as Reverend Michael will be out of town.

Class will begin again on the second Monday in April (4/8) at 7PM

Our discussion will center around grace and then we will move onto Eckhart Tolle's theory of the pain-body.

Join us!

Enter through the side door off Grandview Avenue


What do plants talk about?

Do they even talk at all?

Gather Friday, April 12 at 7PM and find out!

FREE with love donation accepted

Light refreshments available


2409 Grandview Ave, Cincinnati

Hours of operation: Friday 10-2, Saturday 10-4, Sunday 12-3

ALL Kitchenware and Glassware is now 50% off!


POP UP Bazaar planned during business hours on April 13 & 14