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Q:    May we come over and look at the Center?
YES! Call 961-2527 for an appointment.

Q:  May we bring in our own minister?
A:  Yes.  for legal reasons, we do have to provide you with one of our own licensed ministers for your ceremony, also.  Our minister will be the “Host Minister” and can be as involved or not involved as you want him/her to be.

Q:  How do we go about holding a date?
A:  We need a deposit of $250.  This money goes toward your total payment.  The remainder of your balance will be due one month prior to your wedding.

Q:  How big is your Center?
A:  Our sanctuary holds 500 on the floor, with additional seating in the Balcony. Our chapel holds an intimate group of 30.

Q:  May we decorate?
A:  YES!  We ask that you do not staple, nail or glue anything on to our fixtures.  Foam clamps, tying on and rubber banding items work best.

Do you provide an area for the wedding party to change?
A:  Yes.  We have 2 large classrooms downstairs.  Classroom B has a full-length, three-way mirror.  The classrooms and Sanctuary/Chapel are reserved for your use the day of the wedding for two hours before and one hour after the ceremony.

Q:  May we videotape the ceremony?
A:  Yes — the side aisles or the balcony work well for the videographer.

Q:  May we use flash photography during the ceremony?
A:  We prefer you use the flash before and after the ceremony.  Most photographers have the ability to take photographs without the flash today.

Q:  Do we have to take classes to have our ceremony at your Center?
No.  We ask that you schedule one pre-wedding meeting with the minister to go over your ceremony choices.