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A Small Chapel Wedding

If you are planning a small, intimate wedding ceremony to share with only a few friends and family members, our Chapel is a perfect spot. It features uniquely designed stain-glass windows and room for one or two attendants to accompany the Bride & Groom at the front. Comfortable padded chairs with arms allow for 30 guests. Double doors when completely opened give the photographer an opportunity to capture your ceremony at just the right distance. The burgundy velvet drapery offers a nice contrast to a white bridal gown or less formal white or pastel suit for a mature couple’s ceremony. Live musicians can be seated in the hallway and easily heard within the Chapel. Or equipment for recorded music can be used. Dressing rooms are available in the lower level of the Center. A parking lot is located to the west of the building. Come visit our Chapel and see if it’s just right for your special wedding.

Call and speak with our wedding coordinator. 513-961-2527 or fill out our handy Wedding Information Request Form.


Photography courtesy of Charles Behlow Photography