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Growing Into the Future Tree

A Plan to Finance our New Minister

The New Thought Unity Center has embarked on an ambitious program to finance our New Minister! Would you like to help us grow? We are providing you with 3 options below to invest in your future Spiritual Growth - and to help NTUC provide for the long term Spiritual Growth of this community.

  • Purchase a Leaf on our Growing Into the Future Tree! By investing in a leaf on our Growing Into the Future Tree, you will help us finance the new Minister - and forever have your dedication inscribed on the GIFT Tree at NTUC. $500 buys a Gold Leaf, $250 buys a Silver Leaf, and $100 buys a Bronze Leaf. Each Leaf will be inscribed to honor your GIFT. Buy your Leaf now, decide on the Inscription in the next week. Pay safely and securely through PayPal.

  • Enroll in our Consistent Giving Program! Did you know you can enroll right here on our Website? Follow the link below, and you will have the opportunity to designate a Weekly / Monthly Sum to NTUC. You will receive an Emailed Receipt of each Payment to NTUC (Ideal for Tax Tracking Purposes!), and you will at that time be provided an opportunity to change your future donations - so you remain in continuous control of your giving! Sign up for our Consistent Giving Program below. Pay safely and securely through our direct bank connection.
  • Want to participate, but don't have the funds immediately available? Help us plan for our future Budgets by signing a Pledge to NTUC. By signing a pledge to donate $XXX.XX over the next week / month / year, you will be helping NTUC plan for expected income / expenditures.

Buy a Leaf on our Growing Into the Future Tree!

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Electronic Consistent Giving - Sign up for Electronic Consistent Giving by clicking on the following link:

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Make a Pledge and help us plan!

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