Adult Education - Ongoing Classes, Workshops, & Meetings

At New Thought Unity Center, the education and spiritual development of our congregants and community is a long-standing priority. This catalog provides an outline of classes, workshops, and special events, all lovingly prepared and presented to promote the growth of our community. There’s something for everyone as we focus on body, mind and spirit. You won’t want to miss a moment of inspiration, insight, and fun. Enjoy!

Ongoing Classes, Workshops, and Meetings


Chapel Healing Event in the Chapel
First Monday of every month
7:00-8:30pm - Chapel Healing Event in the Chapel

Join us for an empowering hour+ of group and individual healing. Be present in an atmosphere of love and healing energy, and release physical symptoms, mental, emotional, spiritual issues and feeling of lack. Participate in the healing energy in the silence, in prayer with another, and in a hands-on healing experience.


Wednesday Evening Service



Center Closed


Sunday Morning Meditation
In the Chapel with Frieda Hughes
Fee: Love offering

Master Mind Class
1st Sunday of each month
Fee: Love Offering

Sunday Morning Service
Every Sunday
Bring a Friend - 3rd Sunday each month

2nd Sunday after Morning service Prayer Chaplains in the Chapel

3rd Sunday after Morning service The Healing Team in the Chapel